Estate Planning

Minimum Needs

Regardless of age, everyone today should have a general power of attorney, a healthcare power of attorney and a living will. These allow your family to make medical and financial decisions in the event that you are unable to do so. More importantly, these documents, if done correctly, can allow those you trust to make decisions on your behalf without cost delay, conflict, confusion or court involvement and interference.

In addition to these carefully crafted “basic” documents, our estate planning also includes:

* A single-page flowchart of how your plan works and who is involved

* Personal Property Memorandum

* Final Instructions to your family

* Burial and funeral instructions

* Free telephone calls to the firm for advice when you need it

* Periodic mailed reminders to help keep your plan up-to-date

* Contact from the firm when laws that drastically affect your plan go into effect.

We strongly urge you to do at least the minimum today so that we are in a position to help you when the need arises tomorrow.

This summary was prepared by the Gitkind Law Firm P.C. and is intended to give some general information about Estate Planning, not specific legal advice.