Estate and Tax Planning
Medicaid Analysis and Applications
Estate and Trust Administration

Estate and Tax Planning:

Among our hundreds of clients, we plan for estates large and small. Many issues related to death and disability are critical to us all. Communicating well with and educating our clients to make wise choices is central to our practice.

Medicaid Analysis and Applications:

With the new laws recently signed regarding Medicaid eligibility, preparing and organizing your assets for the application process is even more daunting than before. We can help you analyze your situation and determine the steps to apply for Medicaid. Once you are in a position to apply, we also assist with preparation of the Medicaid application.

Estate and Trust Administration:

Following death, so many decisions are important and some of those are irreversible. Much of our practice is dedicated to the help of families at this time. Many of these clients have planning from other states, other attorneys, or no planning at all. It is important to be well advised of the implications of taxes, probate, and responsibilities to beneficiaries.